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Integrity Based Marketing is a full-service marketing consulting firm and public relations company based in North Dallas, TX. Our creative marketing strategies are designed to drastically increase your sales this year without increasing your marketing budget and without hiring additional staff.


With decades of experience in sales and marketing, we give you the expertise and creative talent that will take your marketing efforts to the next level both offline and online. Put our team of dedicated professionals to work today, and we'll guarantee measurable results at a fair price.

What is the focus at Integrity Based Marketing?

education, technology, integrity, integrity based marketing Education + technology + integrity = Integrity Based Marketing

We provide educational and integrity based solutions to your advertising and marketing challenges, increasing your company's visibility and focusing on bringing the right client to you.  We use highly targeted marketing concepts that focus on attracting the highest possible quality clientele using automated and consumer-friendly systems with guaranteed results.This allows your message to be seen/heard by exponentially more prospects without having to hire new staff.

We can show you how to double your sales and increase customer satisfaction without increasing your payroll...What are you waiting for?!


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What marketing services can we help you with?

Analytics, reporting, testing for measurable results Analytics, reporting, testing for measurable results

Full-service marketing talent at your fingertips: Including world class Search Engine Optimization, (SEO & SEM), Analytics,Reporting, Adwords & Remarketing Campaign Management, Web Design, PR, Event Planning, Article & Directory Submission, Graphic Design, Sales Training, Copywriting, Ad Campaigns and much more. Find out what Integrity Based Marketing can do for you.


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What IS Integrity Based Marketing?

Why did you name your company Integrity Based Marketing?

Integrity based marketing is a concept based on several marketing techniques and ideas that are used to target the exact, right client/consumer for the companies we represent.

What are some of these marketing techniques and ideas?

  • Educational based marketing
  • Integrity based, low-pressure sales
  • Truthful, "gimmick' free ads & claims
  • Simple, effective guarantees


The idea is that we only want to represent and market companies whose Inside Reality closely matches their Outside Perception...This means that marketing and advertising is geared to accurately represent the reality inside the company doing the advertising. The ads should very closely reflect the actual experience of the customer/client who purchases as a result of the ad.


What's the difference?

"Old school" selling uses gimmicks and bait-n-switch offers to attract as many prospects as possible and then subjects prospects to high pressure sales techniques that force products on the consumer who may or may not want and/or need them.


Education Based Marketing, when used ethically, is designed to attract the right consumer to the right company/product.  We use honesty and education as the sales tool and to weed out less than perfect prospects when possible. This attracts just the right prospects who want/need exactly what our companies have to offer and are happy to pay a fair price for their services. This creates happy, loyal clients who ecstatically refer your services to everyone they know.


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